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Spectra 9Plus Electric Breast Pump

Spectra 9 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Portable & Rechargeable

Product Information

Our sleekest model in the Spectra line-up, the 9 Plus was designed for moms seeking portability and performance. Small, discreet, rechargeable, and weighing only 1/2lb, the 9 Plus is full of unique features that make pumping a more natural part of the nursing process.

  • Single or Double Pump capability
  • Vacuum suction up to L10
  • 250 mmHg
  • Weighs only .5 pounds
  • LCD screen
  • ( 2 ) Years Warranty on pump — 90 days on accessories
  • Two (2) 24mm Spectra Breast Flanges.
  • Two (2) Spectra Tubing.
  • Two (2) Spectra Duckbill Valves.
  • Two (2) Spectra Backflow Protectors.  Includes silicone membrane, uppercase, and lowercase for each Backflow Protector.
  • Two (2) Spectra Wide Neck Storage Bottles. Includes nipple, cap, disc, and lid for each Bottle.
  • One (1) Spectra 12-Volt AC Power Adapter. Includes detachable power cord prongs.


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What’s Included with your pump:

About the Spectra 9 Plus breast pump:

Massage Mode - Spectra Breast PumpsMassage Mode:
Simulates the natural suckling of a baby.

Ultra Quiet - Spectra Breast PumpsUltra-Quiet Motor:
Operates at 45 decibels (like the hush of a library).

No Backflow - Spectra Breast PumpsBack-Flow Protector:
Protects your breastmilk from harmful bacteria.

Adjustable Suction Levels - Spectra Baby Breast PumpsAdjustable Suction Levels:
Provides a more natural flow of milk.

Auto Timer - Spectra Breast PumpsAuto-Timer with Display:
Offers visibility and precision with every session.

Ultra-Portable - Spectra Breast PumpsLightweight:
Allows convenient pumping access on the go.

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Spectra Natural Nursing Technology

What is Natural Nursing Technology?

Natural Nursing Technology is our set of unique features which allow moms to experience benefits not normally associated with standard breast pumps. From the comfortable suction levels, to the elimination of back-flow, to the discreet and convenient operation that Spectra pumps are known for, Natural Nursing Technology mimics as closely as possible the experience of natural breastfeeding.

“Hands-down, this is my favorite breast pump. It is lightweight and tiny. I absolutely love the little screen, which includes a timer and a battery life indicator, and is bright enough to be used as a nightlight. I’ve been so impressed with the S9 that I just ordered a Spectra S2 as well!”

Elisa S.

“This breast pump is wonderful. Has all the suction of the Spectra S2, and its portable, and it allows me to walk around and pump at work.”

Laura R.

“Loved this so much I made my friend buy one! Small, compact, rechargable. It’s PERFECT!”

Jessica J.

“I have a this and the Spectra S2 pump and love them both. I’m an exclusive pumper so having efficient pumps are essential. This is great so I can be on the go and get things done around the house while pumping.”

Sarah P.

“I’m a spectra fan! I have the S2 and swear by it. This one is great for traveling or those times when you need to pump in the car. Super quiet and effective. Definitely recommend.”

Gretchen D.

“I’d like to take a moment to proclaim my love for my Spectra 9!! The fact that I can pump while packing lunches, folding laundry, even setting up for an event at church today has revolutionized my pumping experience! As a working mom of three, time is precious and multi-tasking makes me happy. Not only is this pump convenient, it’s actually comfortable.”

Stephanie M.
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