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Wide Neck Breast Flange Set
Product Description

Use the Spectra® Breast Flange Set to replace your original breast pump parts or to keep an extra set at work. We recommend replacing your parts every 3-6 months for optimal performance. If you are needing a full set of replacement parts or want to have an extra set on hand for home or work this kit is for you and your S1, S2, SG, or 9 Plus Breast Pump.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ensures proper suction and optimal pump performance
  • Prevents breastmilk from contamination
  • Crucial components for Spectra Breast Pump Closed-System
  • Made with BPA/DEHP free materials
  • Check with insurance for HSA eligibility
  • 90-day Limited Manufacturer’s Parts Warranty

Click here to check out our Breast Flange Sizing Guide!

20mm MM012753
24mm MM012302
28mm MM012319
32mm MM012326

Product Includes
  • One (1) Single Breast Flange (select your size below)
  • One (1) Backflow Protector
  • One (1) Duckbill Valve
  • One (1) Tubing
  • Select your flange size on the dropdown below before adding the item to cart.



Made with
Natural Nursing Technology™

Combining gentle vibration with soothing suckling action to stimulate milk production, our Natural Nursing Technology simulates the natural way a baby nurses and promotes a more comfortable pumping experience.