Pumping — The Good, The Bad, and The Rewards

Real Mom Story, by Mary Atkins

Pumping — The good, the bad and the rewards

I started my pumping journey 18 months ago and  I have been Exclusively Breastfeeding, EBF, and pumping since. I’m sure many of you can relate that, the pumping journey is not so simple. Luckily for me,  the breastfeeding part came easily to me. Not so much the pumping part though. I have suffered from multiple spouts of mastitis, which in itself is a horrible experience. But I never called it quits even with bleeding nipples, painful pumping and wanting to just throw in the towel.

Thanks to my Spectra S2 and S9, I  have a deep freezer full of over 200 oz of breastmilk. I learned that once baby turned one, about 170 oz would expire, frozen breast milk only stays fresh in a deep freezer for a year. I was crushed. I felt defeated. All of those sleepless nights of hard work and dedication I felt were a waste. My husband held me tight and reminded me of what an amazing mom I am being able to provide breastmilk for our child and that no matter what my efforts have never gone unnoticed. This gave me the confidence to continue to build my “stockpile” of breast milk.

Women are such amazing human beings. Our bodies provide life, sustenance, and comfort. I am a proud part of the Spectra Baby USA family. The resources they have are incredible! There’s nothing fun about sitting there feeling like a cow getting milked, but my Spectra pumps are amazing and make the job easier..  Not all pumping sessions have been successful. In fact, there have been many times where I can only pump a couple of ounces. But those massive cluster pumping sessions where I produce enough to almost overflow the bottle have helped get me through the tough times and I thank my Spectra pumps for that!

Everyone struggles with their breastfeeding and pumping journey differently, but one thing I know is to use the resources that are available with the Spectra family. Life isn’t easy, and adding a child can always heighten that stress, but look into those sweet eyes of your child and remind yourself that life is good no matter what. YOU’RE good. You’re a superwoman who is privileged enough to provide the best source of nutrition for your child. The journey may not always be the easiest, but you can do this Momma! We are all proud of you, so be proud of yourself and never give up.


How Pumping Enhanced My Breastfeeding Journey

By Ericah Miller #RealMomStory

Motherhood is a gift. It is also one of the most important full-time jobs you’ll ever have. You’re responsible for loving, protecting, shaping, and nurturing this adorable little human who was next in line to join this world we live in.  It’s a big deal. It’s a 24/7 job actually. There are no paid breaks for every four hours worked. No paid time off, vacation time, and no paid sick time. You’re paid in sweet little coos, smiles, and giggles which turn into sweet phrases and affectionate little hugs to mommy. As they grow, you feel a moving satisfaction watching them thrive at their own pace. It’s amazing. It’s one of those gifts in life I’ll never understand how I was fortunate enough to experience.

However, for me, it is a job you learn on the fly. I wasn’t warned that motherhood would leave me sleep deprived to the point of tears. Given, I decided to breastfeed without supplementing, that eliminated even more sleep from my regimen. But when one great lactation nurse introduced me to pumping, it totally enhanced my life. Pumping my breast milk allowed me to receive help from my spouse with nightly feedings. Although I was never the mom with an overflow or a freezer supply, pumping even made it possible to occasionally have an outing for myself and the occasional date night with my husband. With the twelve weeks of my maternity leave, cabin fever may eventually set in for moms like myself. You need an outlet—some quality time alone, aka ME TIME. Pumping milk allows you to do this. Also, when that maternity leave ends for us working moms, that milk gives both you and baby that warm, fuzzy feeling while you’re apart. Well, maybe not warm, fuzzy right away for mom, but it definitely gives you the security that your baby has what they need while you’re apart.

I’ve literally tried several different pumps and landed on the Spectra S2Plus.

Occasionally, I was discouraged by the amount of time I spent pumping and my output. Although my supply wasn’t in abundance, I typically had what my baby needed. It just took an eternity to get it out with the other pumps. Spectra was my fifth pump and it helped lessen the time tremendously with an even better output. I often got more ounces out with it. Another plus was that it didn’t leave me feeling like someone had attached a blaring vacuum cleaner to my chest lol. My Spectra was so quiet that I was able to pump in the office quietly without distracting anyone walking past the office like my others. A great pump can change the trajectory of your breastfeeding journey. It’s extremely easy to want to quit if you’re pumping and experiencing difficulty with supply or time allotted at work for pumping. A friendly and efficient pump can enhance the journey so much that you’ll look up like me and realize it’s already been fourteen months! I have no plans of stopping for at least the next ten months. Both of my children are pretty healthy and I honestly believe the use of my Spectra pump is a part of that success. Makes me wish I’d had my Spectra the first time around almost eight years ago!

If you’re thinking about what pump to get, trust the other thousands of us who have tried many others and stick with Spectra.  Check here to see if your insurance covers it.


Spectra vs Medela

Comparing Breast Pumps: Real Mom Review

Comparing Breast Pumps: Medela, Megna & Spectra

Brittany Busbee

First-time Mom, First-time Pumper

I am a first-time mom to my beautiful baby girl and I really had no idea what to expect about breastfeeding.  Honestly, I knew even less about using a breast pump…so, keep that in mind when I was faced with using one! I could truly feel that I needed to pump because I was blessed with a very healthy milk supply! As an exclusively breastfeeding Mommy, I began pumping once per day to start stocking up on pumped milk for my return to work.

Three different breast pumps I used: Medela, Megna, & Spectra

My insurance sent me a Medela Pump In Style and within a week, the pump just decided to completely give out on me. Just great!  Even when it was working, it was loud, uncomfortable and never really felt like it was emptying my breasts. I was frustrated, to say the least, and to be honest, I didn’t know if this was normal. Because I didn’t have a working breastpump my supply really started to take a dive!

Nervous about having enough milk for my little one, and knowing that I wanted to breastfeed and that I was going back to work, pumping was extremely important to me.  I reached out to a family member who was an IBCLC and she recommended that I look into the Spectra S1. I didn’t know anything about this pump. But, within a day of using it ,I could feel my supply coming back…I was so impressed!  Compared to my experience using the Medela, I was shocked by how quiet it was and that I was able to pump so much at once without feeling the pain I did before. I had a new found friend!

My S1 has given me not a single issue and it is honestly a joy to use. My milk output is awesome compared to the other pump used,  I could finally relax because I didn’t feel like a space shuttle was going off and it was finally comfortable to pump. While every woman has a need for a different flange size, the Spectra pump came with  24mm and 28mm flanges which allowed me to find which size worked best for me. In addition, the actual shape of the flange is perfect and totally comfortable. Also, having multiple options on pump settings is AMAZING. I have been able to maximize my output by finding the different settings that work best for me.

Then, I was given the opportunity to try a different breast pump, the Megna M7.  It was pretty exciting to try this pump because it was small, came with some cool extras (like a cooler pack and extra collection bottles) and it had USB capability.  I planned on using the M7for when I went back to work because of its more portable size (it fit in my hand). Unfortunately, when I went back to work I realized it was not as satisfactory as my S1. The first time I went to go to use it, I was at a crunch for time and desperately needed to empty my breasts. I was all set and ready to start pumping, only to realize only one side was allowing the milk to flow into the bottle. The flap that allows the milk to pass through always gets stuck on the pump and causes such a mess and headache. It’s happened every time I use the pump.

Another thing that has frustrated me about using it was that the flange shape is so uncomfortable for me. It causes so much pain while pumping. My output with it is honestly SAD compared to the Spectra. I’m an over-supplier and I’ve never successfully pumped more than 3 ounces from one side even when engorged. With the S1 I usually pump 4-5 ounces from each breast every time I pump!

The winning breast pump: Spectra S1

The fact that I depended on the Megna while at work and couldn’t successfully pump has been so frustrating. I started bringing my S1 to work and pump 5oz from each side in 5 minutes! Wow, just wow!  It’s been a huge relief to know that I can pump quickly, be comfortable when I do and have enough to leave my little one while I work.

Even though it’s not the most portable size, it is so worth having especially when I only have a few minutes to pump.  I am absolutely in love with it and would recommend it to every mom! The fact that I can pump without being plugged into a wall outlet is just another plus in my book.  What a great pump…I’ll be storing the other two pumps for the remainder of my pumping experience. See ya!

Spectra vs Medela

Spectra breast pumps

Which Spectra Breast Pump is Right for Me?

by: Brittney F.

Let’s face it, Moms, there are A LOT of choices out there when it comes to breast pumps. If you’ve chosen Spectra, congratulations!  As a breast pump company, we offer the best options for the busy nursing Mother. Our pumps are versatile, discreet, and most importantly, NATURAL feeling. A lot of Moms find themselves here, asking themselves “which pump do I choose?”  To help you decide, we’ve put a list describing each and what it includes for you.

All of Spectra’s models include the following:

  • Breast Flanges
  • Wide Neck Bottles
  • Discs
  • Locking Rings and Caps
  • Duckbill valves
  • Backflow protectors
  • Tubing
  • Power Cord & Adapter


The S1 Plus

The Spectra S1 Plus offers up at an amazing 3lbs. Compared to lugging around those 12-pound breast pump “purses”, this thing is a dream. This rechargeable model is perfect for Moms on-the-go and working Moms alike. It is quiet, operating at the ‘noise’ level of a library and convenient. The S1 has a massage mode, that imitates your newborn’s sucking rhythm and adjustable suction level with a timer. The S1 model also includes a night light to help you see when you wake up for that inevitable 1 AM session.

The S2 Plus

The S2 Plus is Spectra’s all-electric premier model. It is perfect for Moms who stay at home with their little ones and can have a set place to pump. This model, even lighter than the S1 Plus, comes in at 2.5lbs. While it is lighter and does have all of the same features, this pump is not rechargeable. If you take it with you, you must bring the power cord to plug it in and stay in the same place while you pump.

The 9 Plus

The 9 Plus breast pump is amazing because you can literally stick it in your purse. It comes in at a whopping half a pound. What weighs half a pound? A tomato. A tomato weighs half a pound. This beauty of a pump offers the same features as the two previous models, minus the nightlight. Even more, it does not have to stay plugged in and it offers the most convenience and portability for on-the-go Moms. If you have a place to go, you can take this pump anywhere.

The Dew 350

This pump is a bit different from the other pumps. It’s near and dear to my heart because it is for Moms whose little ones are unable to breastfeed. Whatever your reason to need this pump, you can rest easy knowing that Spectra is there for you and understands what you’re going through. This pump has backflow protection and comfortable suction levels, just like the other pumps, but was designed with Moms who are just having a bit of trouble with breastfeeding. It’s not meant for all Moms, just Moms with little ones like my boy, who have feeding difficulties.


No matter what type of Mom you are, Stay-at-home, Working, On-The Go or Work-From-Home, Spectra has the right pump for you. You and pick up all of these pumps, as well as some super cute accessories like a gorgeous our black tote and blinged-out baby bottles at SpectraBabyUsa.com.  Leave us your comments below.


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Compare Spectra Electric Breast Pumps

Spectra Electric Breast Pump Comparison Chart

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