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Spectra S3 Pro

Hospital Strength

Double Electric Multiuser Breast Pump

Product Description:

In addition to providing all the standard features that Spectra’s been recognized for in the past including its true closed system, soothing night light, and unique natural nursing technology; the S3 Pro is a multiuser pump and is hospital grade. The S3 Pro can be utilized safely and effectively in high-usage settings, including hospitals, birth centers, rental programs, and beyond.

Special Features:

  • Hospital grade suction combined with Natural Nursing Technology for optimal results & comfort
  • Rechargeable battery and 3 year pump warranty
  • Capable of providing vacuum levels from 0-270 mmHg
  • Cycling rates up to 70 cycles per minute
  • Single or double pump capability
  • Vacuum suction up to L12

Included with the S3 Pro:

  • 12V Power Cord & Adapter
  • Protective Hard Shell Carry Case

*Please note that the S3 Pro is hospital-grade, and therefore only available to select vendors, lactation centers and medical facilities.

Model: MM010035-H

The S3 Pro was intentionally engineered to provide the convenience and familiarity all Spectra branded pumps have become known for; ensuring a seamless transition from the S3 Pro to a Spectra single-user pump, should a mom want to purchase one once discharged from the hospital or completing a rental program.

Made with Natural Nursing Technology™

Combining gentle vibration with soothing suckling action to stimulate milk production, our Natural Nursing Technology simulates the natural way a baby nurses and promotes a more comfortable pumping experience.