Counterfeit Products


Like many top consumer brands, Spectra is concerned about resellers and unauthorized distributors attempting to pass off products as genuine. Spectra is the only authorized distributor of our products in the USA and takes great care to manage and protect our products, product quality, and user experiences. Please beware of alternate offers, especially if outside of the USA.


Spectra Baby USA has received reports of a number of fraudulent postings purporting to award free products and related activities regarding over the internet, including our social media pages by persons operating under social media accounts with names substantially similar to ours. One example of such fraudulent social media account name is @specctrababyusa (you will notice this account added an extra “c,” making it easy to mistake as our authentic page: @SpectraBabyUSA. These activities appear to be designed to obtain personal or financial information, including credit card information.  Social media accounts other than those under the Spectra Baby USA name, no matter how similar, are not affiliated with us, and this activity is not authorized by us or for our benefit. Please be advised that Spectra Baby USA does not request personal information, financial information, account numbers, IDs, or passwords on social media. Should you see any of these accounts or receive any communications from persons using these accounts or other accounts that are similar to but not the same as ours, we recommend that you do not respond, do not follow any links provided and do not click on any attachments. Spectra Baby USA accepts no responsibility for any costs or charges incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.